MP3/ogg not working in FIREFOX for MP3 PLAYER

Here is a link to my churches website i am trying to get this to work.
They want this sermon audio to be working this week.


Right click save link as works for OGG, on the first track.

But the mp3/Ogg doesnt wanna work in Firefox at all.
Ogg works in Chrome
Cant get firefox to work with any of this though

Suggestions anyone.

I haven’t used jplayer, but it looks like jplayer is not installed properly. Ogg should work on FF. But your audio links doesn’t work for me in FF or Chrome. It tells me to use Flash. Have a look at your installation.

Im gonna try jplayer again ive been trying other methods, this is really just a pain but im trying
to be patient. My goal is to have an HTML5 accordion mp3 playlist. But its def harder than I
thought it was going to be.