ocPortal - Can not find the html file to make changes

-try to customize the page, and can’t find the HTML file.
-is there any other tool to show me the folder where the file is in? I use the Firefox addon “firebug” to mainly trace CSS, but though I see that it is a HTML file and that it is in the body, I nan not find it. Opening all folders could be an option,…really time consuming

  • I am using a plain edition of a WP theme (fArt theme)


I want to translate the text on the left in front of the boxes…

This is a WordPress site - I don’t think you are going to find any html files. The pages are most likely all built dynamically.

If you want to translate the labels for all the form textboxes, try seeing if you have some sort of form plugin installed. If so, it should let you edit the form.

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Hey Thank You for your answer… keep struggling on that I found out that someone else here had the same problem as me :slight_smile:

so til here i figured out that Firebug doesn’t tell you where the file is or how it is called would be enough, like when looking for CSS for example firebug tells you its name.Css at least… doesn’t it tell you if its name.html or name.php ?

looking at the url… http://e-vape.deals/content/index.php/classifieds/
i dont understand… after index.php its /classifieds/ should that be a folder or part of index.php?

many thanks in advance, I think this can be interesting for other newbies as well

I would look here first: http://e-vape.deals/content/wp-content/plugins/classifieds-wp/assets/css/frontend.css?ver=4.6.1

The way I usually find where something is coming from is by looking at the rendered source code for text strings that have a good chance of being relatively unique.

I find that id and class attribute values are often helpful for this.

For example if I see
<div id="sp_blurb">

I will use my IDE or text editor’s “find” feature to look through files for the string “sp_blurb”.

Then I look at those files to see if there are any that have HTML mark-up that looks like what the generated HTML looks like.

Thanks a lot for your contribution here… meanwhile I changed Plug In, which will have to be translated as well,…
the problem is not solved so easy, but the main subject is, that when you inspect an element and get the code, how you can find out where that code is placed on the server…hmmm…
in older websites, when I saw “body” on a HTML basis… I found that in the main. html file, I remember the first Joomla Pages… but now, and with PHP I really dont figure out yet where to look… well… I am Graphic Designer… dont know how I left Photoshop to end up here lol :slight_smile:

GUYS !!! where does the text go…I get crazy…

<a href="http://e-vape.deals/now/index.php?page=search&sCategory=4&sShowAs=gallery&type=personal" rel="nofollow">

that text (data) must be somewhere… so does not the text must be in a folder with the HTML files? if its a template… somewhere will be that word lol… I jump !!! aftr I throw the PC of the window ahahah dont tell me you ever had that feeling yourself… lol

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