Not Your Usual Thank You

To ALL of my SitePoint friends, it is difficult to express my gratitude and love to you all. There is a saying, “a dog wags its tail with its heart” - well, I am like that dog today. I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the words. Sniff…sniff…

So, I’ll just say this. If you need

  • to “Get Started” just ask me.
  • a “Community” hand just ask me.
  • some “PHP” code just ask me.
  • some “CSS” styling help just ask me.
  • more “JavaScript” examples just ask me.
  • considerable help with “HTML” just ask me.
  • a “Ruby” on your finger just ask me.
  • to pack some “Databases” just ask me.
  • some spun “Content” just ask me.
  • to learn how to do a “Server Config” just ask me.
  • to dominate some “Domains” just ask me.
  • me to get into your “Business” just ask me.
  • me to be more “Mobile” just ask me.
  • more EIEIO in you “CMS” just ask me.
  • “.NET” .just .ask .me.
  • a “Perl” of truth just ask me.
  • “Golang” just ask me.
  • “Reviews” just ask me.
  • more “Accessibility” to me just ask me.
  • are “Hosting” a party and want me to come just ask me.
  • more traffic for your “Marketing” site just ask me.
  • a couple more “Jobs” just ask me.
  • to “Showcase” something I have done just ask me.

I cannot promise you a “Like” or even a positive comment but you can ask me. :wink:

You are probably asking now “What is this guy up to?” But first…

I want to thank all of the cops that chased me in my youth but NEVER caught me. All of the water balloons were worth it btw. lol

A VERY special thank you goes out to the USC IT staff so many years ago that forced me to go underground. I am glad to know the State House, Citadel and University staff recovered from my gaming prank! Well worth hiding out.

I also want to thank Mr. Young for calling me out when I was on the church roof. I honestly did not think people in the sanctuary could here me running around up there.

I big thank you to all of my Chemistry professors for teaching me the major formulas for making things go bang.

To my buddy Neil for hiring me as a technical security auditor and letting me hack inside of banks…the best job I ever had!

To all of my programming teachers…“Logic Really Does Prevail!” Death to “GoTo” statements and Long Live “Do Loops”.

Thanks for all the fun commenting! Especially in the my Geometry topic. lol

So why I am being so Thankful"?

I have been promoted to “Member”. :smiley:

So if you are a “Basic” member right now then just know that if you keep plugging away at learning this site and it’s new platform you will attain a higher plateau!

Buddy :wink:


You’re very welcome. I should thank you for sticking around :slight_smile:

I spent the entire time reading that post thinking ‘what the…?’.
You’re a laugh Buddy. Good on ya.


+1, I have to say Buddy, you had me completely lost in your first paragraph and then went I finally got to the “I’ve been promoted…” I went, “Ah ha!” Now it all makes sense!

Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you continue to do so, it has been fun interacting with you in the Community related topics.


“Design by Confusion!” by Buddy

You’ll find it under the cashiers station next to the half eaten doughnut at your local Barnes & Noble.