What should I do for my website?

I am working on online marketing keyword for my website from around 4 months but I am not able to get good results. Can anyone please help me out?


firstly you have to submitted the directory of the keyword on the high PR sites, then you can submitted the articles having a good material in it. this will helpful to you…

First of all check the meta tags Heading. and other things of websites after that start article submission, link building and other things.

What keywords do you use? First, you need to check your words on competitiveness. Of course, take one word and move on it is meaningless. The easiest way go to the competitor’s site in Semrush, which is in the top 10. Look which words they use, and also begin to move on them.

Do agree with this. Check your onpage optimization first, if required, analyze your competitors onpage optimization and do required changes first and then you can start building links for your targeted keywords.

Hi iquantum001, can you tell us more about you’re not able to get good results? If you could tell us more detail sure we will easier to help you :slight_smile:
Thanks, Deny Saputra

Search Your competitors website and check those back-links from where they are getting. just follow them and do extra work obviously you will achieve.

See, your niche is very-very competitive. You need two things badly, first patience and second is Hard work.

Here are some off-page optimization techniques(in no particular order):

  • List in niche directories
  • Submit your RSS feeds to feed directories
  • Submit your website to social bookmarking sites
  • Participate in social networking sites and related communities
  • Post on online forums and niche related communities
  • Write guest posts for related blogs to your niche.
  • Write emails to other bloggers/ website owners in your niche offering them to guest post
  • Write content that is deliberately designed to attract links towards it.

First you need to submit it in Search engine directories. After that you need to submit it in Free Web directories. After you need to start work on social bookmarking, Profile link building, Article submission, Forum posting and blog commenting.

These are main task in off page seo. I hope, after completion of this work, you will be able get good result…

Thanks for the suggestions…

First of all properly do on-page optimization of your website then proceed with off page. Keyword “online marketing” is very competitive and it require quality work and time for your website to rank for this keyword.

Remember the sequence! first write articles about your business, post them into the articles directory and blog platforms, perform social bookmarking, feed submission and blog commenting. You will surely get the reasonable traffic

First of all when you get our website you check is meta tags are proper or not proper and after that you should do directory submission, forum postings, classifieds submission , blog commenting and article submission are the part of off-page activities after completing the task you will able to get good results on google search engine.

submit your xml sitemap to google.
create profile pages in different profile making site.
promote your site through sharing blogs, articles.
Do commenting

First of all you need to concentrate on your onpage. Try to add more and more relevant content and increase page view. Then link your target page with every inner page so that all pages in inturn pass the value and increase the worth of your target page.

Then start backlink building.

Check out the Global & local monthly searches of the keywords & then collect quality backlinks for your website with the high pr & niche categories…

work on the on-page optimization process and your website/product should be more user friendly and dont stuff too much of keywords and work for long tail keywords first.

you need to use keywords tool to help you up to make sure that you choose the correct keywords to target.
Beside that you need to check on the density of the keywords you have use. Try to build all the keywords around 3 to 4 % per pages.

Smart use of implementing keywords in the content so that it won’t look spammy…
Other than onsite , you do need to focus on offsite SEO as well.

backlinks, backlinks, backlinks. You need multiple links heading back to your site with keywords embedded into the link.

if u need good results for your sites you must do 3-way link building. it is very helpful for increase your websites ranking in search engines.