Tax ID (SSN/EIN), what's that?


My country origin is in Asia (which not listed in CJ)

I tried to sign-up CJ using my good friend address in US.

But somehow I get stucked when I try to fill in a Tax ID (SSN/EIN)
Required for U.S. publishers.

Another thing is:

Tax Classification
Required for U.S. publishers
VAT Number
(Note: please include VAT prefix US)

Can somebody advice me regarding this matter?
What should I put?

If there’s a tax, how much it should incur from total revenue?

Thanks in advance.

You’re not a ‘US Publisher’ so you don’t need to worry about it. It’s just a number that we in the USA use for tax reporting purposes.

by the way, after i try to press submit, i’ve got this error.

U.S. publishers are required to provide Tax ID.

U.S. publishers are required to provide Tax Classification.

means that if i’m using my friend’s US address, i’m treated as US publisher…

any idea on what should i put in?

At least, they’ll think you are. If you have an office in the US, you would be legally required to register as a foreign corporation and then you’d get the tax id number.

but i still can’t get through to submit the application…

if i still didn’t fill it, i can’t continue…

You’re not in the US and you are trying to use someone else’s address in the US. This won’t work.

Have you contacted CJ and asked them how to sign up when you’re not in the US?

Exactly who’s address are you using?

my friend who studies overseas.

: )

thanks for your help pal. i’ll ask CJ.

So, this friend is just a relay for the checks? He isn’t an employee?

yes, just a relay.

nope, he’s just a student.

Why not just sign up using your Kuala Lumpur address, and then request them to send your checks to your friend to foward to you?

petertdavis, sadly my country is not listed in CJ.

last time, yes… but maybe because of fraud, CJ has taken it out.

I didn’t know that. Yea, I guess contacting them directly is the best way to go. Good luck to you on that.

Of course, if you’re talking large amounts of money here, it may be better in the long run for you to go ahead and register as a foreign corporation here, then you wouldn’t have that problem again.

thanks a lot petertdavis and Lil_Red

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My pleasure :smiley: