Nooooooo! Site broken

Ten minutes ago I had an almost-finished home page on my WP site. On the next refresh after adding a page to the navigation, I got this: (like someone threw red paint at the monitor).

This is what it looked like before except the nav bar was fixed so it was centered: Also, it had a YouTube video playing in the background.

Yesterday I paid for a Fiverr gig to fix that nav bar and was very happy with what he had done. I don’t think this is related but I just wanted to give complete information.

Any ideas on what could have happened? I hadn’t been in the CSS editor but I went in and made sure all tags were closed, etc. I undid the things I had done just in case, and that didn’t fix it.

media=“screen, projection”

layout.css line 38


There’s your issue, according to dev tools. If you can’t find it, ctrl+f in “layout.css” for the word “red”, maybe? It’s not a hex value, just the word, so that should work.

Wow that was fast! Let me look…

There’s an image of the dev tools result, if that helps. When I remove that background-color, things normalize a bit :smiley:

If you don’t use dev tools of some kind for whichever browser you use, definitely consider it. They make troubleshooting this kind of problem far easier than they might have been, whether simple or complex. Or at least give us a starting point, even if not a solution.

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Oh, my goodness, thank you so much! It is back to normal. But why would that have suddenly changed (just for future reference)?

Hmm… almost has to be something that either you changed, or the theme changed somehow? Not sure. Would you have played with colors for troubleshooting?

Often when I’m setting up divs and things I indulgently color them all in random neons so that I can visually see what I’m doing, and sometimes forget to remove them…

No, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing anything with colors or CSS at the time, but I’ve been wrong before. In any case, thanks again for your fast help!

Okay, weirdest thing! I went back in and created the page again, made it visible in the nav bar, and boom! All red again. I fixed it again but why on earth…? I’m using Thesis 1.8.5.

In the code you pointed out to me below, the red is there without the semi-colon for one thing, but why on earth would making a page visible in Thesis > Site Options > Pages make that color change in layout.css? I guess that’s probably a question for DIY Themes - I’m going to contact them.

body { font-size: 10px; }

  • { padding: 0; margin: 0; background-color: red }

Yeah, definitely check into it, if for no other reason than curiosity. Glad to help fix it, at least, though!

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