How did I knock out the background for my navbar?

& could someone advise on how to put it back?
that green/teal stripe is supposed to be the background for the secondary navigation for example
I just changed the wp code to switch background images. But it should not have affected the navbar.

  		 <?php if(is_page('home')){
    	echo'<div id="mainBody" class="mainBg">';
    }else if(is_page('engineering')){
			echo'<div id="mainBody" class="engContent">';
    }else if(is_page('technology')){
			echo'<div id="mainBody" class="techContent">';

also irritating while it works for the engineering and tachpages i set the main page to come in a bright yellow(just to debug) and it is not kicking in.
Thank you

I don’t understand how you want this to appear, but this doesn’t seem to be helping:

.navbar-inner {
height: 40px;

hey there Ralph. saw that if i uncheck the heigh in the chrome debugger it improves slightly.

Cant understand why the same thing that is pushing it out of whack is not affecting the menu list w/the services…saftey etc…

checking validator…