Why Background is not showing

Hey all,

Have a lil annoying problem that somehow cannot see what is the reason with the problem.
And example will make it fastest to describe.
So if you look at this page:
And hold your Mouse over the "Advertising " on the right most panel, you will see a window will pop up which has a bluish background, making the text easy to see.

However, the same exact page, if an image is displayed under the “Advertising” label, then the background color of the Pop up panel is missing, here:


Even though of course it is the same exact CSS code! What is causing this problem?

Logically, then, one must look at the HTML for something that is different. Have you looked at it for differences associated with that advertising box?

Is there any CSS code embedded in the HTML, perhaps under JS control, that might be different? or some such difference that has been overlooked?

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Hi there WorldNews,

your “Travel” page only has a meager 627 coding errors…


…whereas your “Beads” page weighs in with a massive 729…


Perhaps your problem lies somewhere between the two. :wonky:




That problem is fixed. It was a silly misspelling error :slight_smile:

It is not “My” Travel page; it belong to the alternative search engine for which I volunteer.

On that note, we are mainly a Volunteer based Network, so if you want to provide a Volunteer based re-design of that Page, from HTML/CSS point of view, go ahead. And further OTN, if you do the https://validator.w3.org/ on Sitepoint.com you will see that it says it has 77 Errors. So I would not get too bend out of shape for Error reporting of the validator.w3.org - But of course it is always good ideas to run a page by it, just in case.

As was pointed out to you before the difference between https://www.sitepoint.com/ and https://www.sitepoint.com/community/ is WordPress vs. Discourse


In any case. “but look at them” does not obviate the fact that errors can and often do cause problems for some browsers, if not many, in trying to “fix” things the “right” way.


Yes, of course.

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