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If you are reading this you are the SitePoint member we’re looking for.

The SitePoint forums are currently working on improving the sticky threads. Much work has already been done towards this goal within the “Program Your Site” team. And we are acutely aware of some of their problems. But so far what has been done has been limited to the ideas of team members. So here’s how you can help:

Do you find the stickies in this forum helpful?
Do you consider any of the content erroneous or out-of-date?
Does the content lack any information that you think would be helpful?
Could they be organized better?

In other words, we want your opinions and suggestions so we can improve the “Program Your Site ~ JavaScript” sticky threads.

We can’t guarantee that all suggestions will be followed, but I personally guarantee that all will be seriously considered.

So don’t be shy, please reply.

Many Thanks from the SitePoint Programming Team

With the recent popularity of JQuery (I am using it far more often after acquiring the oustanding Sitepoint book) I think there should be a sub-topic for JQuery under the Javascript topic.

Does anyone else agree?

@ParkinT, I think that is an excellent idea! I would like it very much.

I think that we should have several stickies for common situations.

For example:

Enhanced Form Control which would cover things like

[list][]Attaching Form Field Events
]Show / Hide Optional Form Fields
[]1st Select Field Controls 2nd Select Field
]Overriding the Form Submit Event
[*]Validating Form Fields[/list]

Forgive the attempt at interesting headings, but other stickies that we could have are:

Effective JavaScript Events

Constructing Objects

Compatible Cross-Browser Concepts

Looking for Regular Expressions?

Styley HTML with Classes

Confused by Scopes and Closures?

Or, set it up like Paul’s CSS stickies, where the first post starts right out with in-thread links to those sections… so immediately in one sticky, one can see all the major “gotchas” and how-to’s.

While working with Javascript I constantly find myself battling with cross browser issues and peoples different opinions on how to develop functionality.
It would be nice organise a section that summarises a number of common cross browser issues so that I can at least search through this first before wandering why my CSS styling is failing when really its just because setAttrribute in IE for the style attribute doesnt work!
I like PMW57 idea, this would be good to go straight in rather than tediously searching the whole javascript section!

what is sticky thread? a thread considered to be a promotion? i wonder, how can threads bother someone. i never pay attention to them. may be i am newbie so i dont know much O_o

same here :slight_smile:

Lawlz, that’s a good idea… explain what a sticky thread is.

Sticky threads “stick” to the top of a forum, instead of dropping down as newer posts are made to other threads. They usually have important information rather than regular threads, and are meant as FAQ-style reading material.

See the three at the top of Javascript. Those are “stickied” to the top. They always stay there. This thread is also (temporarily) stickied.

I would like to see a “resolved” section for each of the threads (assuming they get grouped). People could then look to see an issue has bee resolved before sending their post

You can see if an issue has been resolved by doing a search first to see if someone has already answered your question before you post it.

The stickies will generally be nothing but resolutions to common problems and so is also a useful place to look if you are too afraid to try the search option.

In other words, we want your opinions and suggestions so we can improve the “Program Your Site ~ JavaScript” sticky threads.

I’ll try and take a look through the JavaScript stickies once JavaScript Live is over and I finish writing all the articles that have occurred to me as a result of my participation in that course.

You can see if an issue has been resolved by doing a search first to see if someone has already answered your question before you post it.

Sometimes. I was looking for threads about sliders— however there are several different kinds, and they don’t seem to have names. People do all sorts of different things and call them “Javascript sliders”.

And, not one was close enough to my slider that actually had a useful answer. I’m not saying we should have a holding place for resolved threads or anything… I’m just saying, search is only as good as search and also only as good as the text people use in threads.

A holding place for resolved threads wouldn’t necessarily be any easier for finding the solution you are looking for than search would be.

Felgall: I agree. I do think it would be nice to find a solution for searching, though.


a very good idea.

I agree with the jQuery idea too, a lot of the threads in here are about it, and I believe it’s the most widely used JavaScript framework.

Hmmmm, I don’t see how having a jquery sub-forum would help improve the Javascript forum’s Stickies :wink:

Point taken, I will make sure the idea gets discussed.

… now back to the topic of Javascript Stickies …

Mitt: well, having a jQuery subform would certainly stop the endless requests everywhere : )

Commonly sub-forums open up due to there being a need to separate a large amount of content from the rest of the forum. Is the benefit of a separate forum outweighed by the maintenance needs of moving threads over and managing and maintaining the new forum?