No follow links

I have a site which allows users to purchase online using a link to another website powered by a company specialising in this service. This works well, except the company also puts up navigational links on all their purchasing pages allowing customers to return to my site - so far, so good. The problem is that they have so many links on so many pages that Google sees this as spammy links. If I ask the company to make these links ‘nofollow’ would that mean that Google would no longer view the links and consequently no longer treat the incoming links as spammy?

Yes, it may be that Google sees these links as some kind of link exchange. (It shouldn’t, but it might. :)) So marking them as nofollow would make sense; you still get the benefit of those links for real visitors, and it’s clear to Google that you’re not trying to manipulate PR or anything by their presence.

Thank you for your reply (and past help :slight_smile: )
Thought it made sense but wasn’t confident enough to contact the company before I was sure.

I’m sure I had a better reference, but these links might also boost your confidence :):

There’s also quite a bit of information in their Starter Guide

Brilliant, thanks - I’ll check these out.