Should I add nofollow to my affiliate links?


I have a couple of affiliate links on my website that looks like The only purpose of the affiliate link is to redirect to . Should I add nofollow attribute to the affiliate links? Would adding nofollow affect my current rankings positively?


Definitely add a no-follow tag if you don’t think it will make the company you are referring to mad. If you don’t add the no-follow tag, you are leaking ranking juice to your webpage. Make sure that there are no policies in place at the website you are linking to that prohibit you from altering their code and for heaven’s sake, make sure your link actually works and that you get paid if you add the tag.

You can add a no-follow tag to the outgoing inks your affiliate won’t mind it for sure it’s just tag for SE it doesn’t go through the link with such tag.

Affiliate links count as ‘paid’ links and so you must mark them as ‘nofollow’ or you are likely to encounter the wrath of Google if it finds out that they are affiliate links.

dont mess wtih the link that you were given… there is a reason for it.


Adding a nofollow tag isn’t messing with the link, it’s simply letting the search engines know that you are not placing that link on your site with the intentions of passing along link juice.