No degree, no experience in copywriting

Hello all!

I’m trying to pick some brains with anyone that has experience in copywriting, editing or proofreading.

I am in the process of changing careers and have always loved writing and coming up with creative ideas. I am just shy of an Associates degree, have no experience or background in writing other than posting opinions on sites like ‘Newsvine’. I’m extremely interested in breaking into advertising whether it be freelancing or agency work. I don’t have the money to restart my education at the moment, so completing my education to get a bachelor’s is not going to be happening in the immediate future but possibly later in the year. I’d appreciate any and all advice or tips on how to begin the process of becoming a copywriter, editor with little background and education. ie: courses, online sources, your experiences etc. Thanks in advance for any help!!(:

What kind of copywriting job are you looking for? Do you want a position in the advertising department of a company, media outlet such as radio copywriter or newsroom or are you looking to freelance copywrite? Will you write for print media, the TV screen, or the computer screen?

It isn’t necessary to have a degree in writing to be a copywriter. What does come in handy is some sales experience because that’s what copywriters do… they sell the products and services of their clients with their words.

If you want to freelance on the web, before you consider this career change, be sure you have enough in your pocket to live comfortably for at least the first year.

Also start building your portfolio, write articles for a website or something … just write something …

Thats sounds something good, you can possibly start posting about what exactly you are looking out for and this may really find you some good resource… :slight_smile:

Umm, you can start your own blog, ezine articles…

Education doesn’t have to take place in a classroom. Personally I’d run down to a good bookstore and poke around. You need to make sure you understand the basics of good writing (grammar, sentence structure, etc.). And buy an AP style guide for some guidance as well. Try to find other writers in your area to network with. And if you’re just starting out, try to get one of these writers to edit your articles for you, and provide feedback.

just try to write some articles for your site.write some content for some page…try to write you will get experience in that automatically…