Copy writer recommendation

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone here knows of a good, professioonal copywriting firm you’d recommend. I’m not refering to those that charge $5 for 500 words. Ironically, those are easy to find :slight_smile:


Probably not appropriate for this section. What would fit is how to select a copywriter.

First is what you already know. Copy isn’t article writing. It’s not keyword stuffing. The sole focus is sales.

Find someone who writes copy for your category or something related to it. Don’t discard a copywriter because they haven’t written copy for left-handed hairdressers located in the northwest corner of your city.

Want to lower your price, or get the better copywriter to take on your project? Then do your homework. Develop a Unique Selling Proposition. Get testimonials. Provide an advertising and results you’ve already conducted.

More importantly, have a goal and a target. Increased sales is not a goal. Expanding high profit sales to a profiled best customer in your house list is a goal. The worst ad at highest cost is the first sale, so understand most skilled mailers make a profit on the back end.

Understand your customer. Don’t say you understand your customer – understand your customer. I can’t believe the number of people who want to opine on what the customer is like when they have few, or none.

Unless you’re a marketing expert surveys and simply asking doesn’t work. You’ll find out everything about what the customer prefers you to believe, and nothing about what they actually do when money exchanges hands.

Finally develop a budget and a brief. A brief combines the research with goals and provides direction for a copywriter. Is it a two-step for physical direct mail? Do you have problems with upsells? …Merchandising? …Or will the format be an advertorial?

Your budget should be over one thousand for a decent chance at getting a good copywriter. Double that wouldn’t hurt your chances. The range is so wide you can spend easily ten times that for some of the big names …and down to one tenth of that for, say, and article writer trying to get copy jobs.

However, a lot of those pricier copywriters won’t even work with someone not versed in direct response.