A newbie in content writing... :)

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As I’ve already posted in my intro thread, I’m from India, am a content writer, a fresher, and am looking for sites/blogs/articles that may help me write good content for my company (which is an ITES provider). I’ve done my bachelor’s degree in English literature, and am comfortable with the language. I do general writing, but to-the-point, precise-writing which my field of work demands, seems to be a herculean task for me…

Kindly send suggestions on how to improve myself on ‘professional’ writing… :slight_smile:

Thank u for ur time…

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I do general writing, but to-the-point, precise-writing which my field of work demands, seems to be a herculean task for me…

Of course; you’re an English lit major.

Stop writing the novel. Do more news writing, using inverted pyramid structure, for a while.

and am looking for sites/blogs/articles that may help me write good content for my company (which is an ITES provider).

Whatever you do, never search this section for articles of direct relevance (Like writing white papers). What you want to do is show your disdain for research by posting a question which has been asked and answered …again …and again …and again.

(Answers which should have been provided to you in college).

You want to show people menial tasks are beneath you, and they should cater to provide links to prove your superior station in life.

Well, I always say that practice makes perfect. I suggest you do a little search on content writing and you will realize that many sites and blogs will show up. Read up on all different styles of writing and practice that style. However, I would not recommend writing news stories. Reporting on current events is very different than content writing, or even creative writing. That is why people study and get a BS in journalism, because the styles are different.

Keep chewing on that lemon… :wink:


Gerry McGovern travels the world teaching corporations how to improve their web content, and has written well-repected books on the subject. His weekly email newsletter is always interesting. The design of his website doesn’t, IMO, do justice to his content, but that doesn’t stop blue chip companies paying 6,000 Euros per day for his services. Content is his thing - and he’s really good with that.

Nick Usborne is also the author of well-respected books about web writing, and publishes an interesting email newsletter.


i have little more knowedge about finance.so guide me to write dood cotent for my theory

Keep chewing on that lemon

The Only Thing That Can Stop This Asteroid Is Your Liberal Arts Degree.

so guide me to write dood cotent for my theory

Oh look. Bookends.

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“dood cotent”

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let me add something constructive to this thread…

good content is aided by a critical eye

read what you wrote for pity’s sake, and at the very least check your spelling and grammar

something constructive

There is an argument to be made people have a [Literary Mind](The Literary Mind). It is possible for an English Lit or Liberal Arts major to communicate on-point business topics.

A very nice topic to include in a college course. This avoids the shock and awe caused when using the terms English Lit, College, and Newbie in Content Writing together.

Well I don’t have a degree in literature but I’ve managed to find a niche for myself in writing on web design (though whether what I have to say is of any interest value is another matter entirely). If I could provide one piece of advice it would be know your subject, there’s so much (for lack of a better word) crap on the web which spreads misinformation and has no real reason for being, and even though it’s well written it’s nothing short of pointless. As such, if you want to write… do so on a subject you know well and always ensure the integrity of your information by getting used to researching and being organized (thereby citing and backing up your claims). I know this probably isn’t something you think of at first when approaching the subject of writing but as DCrux said, you’re not meant to be writing a novel, you need to be getting your knowledge out there and writing something of value, even if you start out on a blog before getting a job role. And you will be a better writer if what you put across is well researched, well written and constructed in such a way that it’s not drier than the Sahara. :slight_smile:

PS: DCrux, if you ever get round to writing a book like “The Cynics guide to the passive-snark monster” I would be first in line for a copy :lol:

I may tackle that one, right after Suing Your College for Malpractice: A Guide to Certain Wealth

A triumph of college and hallmark of their usefulness in the real world is the unpaid internship. Really underscores the whole knowledge work movement and college’s claim to advance your career prospects. I’m sure the reason is nobody wants to jeopardize a college student’s amateur status with pay.

I wonder how “I couldn’t get them to pay me, but bribing them by working for free got me to the point where I might be useful” looks on a resume.

If you pack ten interns into the corner of your office, just standing there doing nothing, you can cut down on the office heating bill in winter. :slight_smile:


Some of the best and most prolific writers I know tell me that one of the best ways to learn to write is to read. So, ingest as much content as you can: read forums, read blogs, read websites, read read read. Reading will help you learn the patterns, which you can then build on.

Like other folks have pointed out, though, you definitely want to work on your proofreading. If you are not good at catching your own mistakes, tap one of your friends that also knows english to help you with it. Typos, and incorrect words, distract strongly from the message of your content.

Either way, good luck!

Read and take note of the various styles used. Pinpoint which styles are most effective and try to imitate them in your own writing. Soon enough, you shall be able to develop your own style in writing.

If you want to be recognized as a professional writer, then pay attention to every word you type no matter where you type it. Thank u for ur time just doesn’t cut it in my world.

Read good article , books and even novels these will inspire you to write in any pattern you would like to…