Newby building a Flash Video: Streaming and Preloading Questions

Thanks for reviewing my question,

I am building a video in Flash Actionscript 3.0 on the timeline just using symbol graphics. No real action script right now. However I am getting a warning when I test the file that the Shared Library Runtime is requiring all my content to preload before my video will play. Is there anyone interested in little mentoring with Action script. I am looking at getting into building inspirational short movies. Could really enjoy a relationship that is patient. We could work here at site point or I could give you a personal email address in a message. Looking for people with sensitivity to life themes and willing to work with a variety of content should we work as a team. Anyone outside of a mentoring relationship could post helpful comments if needed for the discussion. I am looking at building high color, streaming images and content.

I will be patient with this post and let those interested post their response.

Great thanks for your consideration and future help.

: )

The video file should really be an external file rather than embedded in the library. This has the advantage that you can use the same video file (if encoded as e.g an h.264 mp4) for alternate playback methods (html5).