Question Regarding Flash AS3

Hi all,

I am trying to learn flash actionscript 3 but i am semi in the basics atm but still wanting to learn more as ive been giving a task to work on and im partly there a friend of mine suggest i should go back over tutorials for flash only problem is that i have no idea where to begin and im mostly wanting to focus on the actiosncript side of things i got taught abit of actionscript 2 side of things in flash but other than that thats about all.

i do have some Questions regarding flash forms using text box or input fields they re if a input field with the varable eg varone is in a movieClip and i want to include it from a movie Clip how do i call it without converting it to movie clip or button or any other symbol?

This is my code i have atm trace(“this is a test this is now”+varone.text);

am i ment to but somthing like var var:varone= cleft(); would that do the trick for bringing in a input field from inside of a movie Clip?

If you can answer any of the above Questions it would be kool,