Question about preloading - need some light on the subject!

Good day there!

I think I have the answer… I am working with creating a video. It’s going to be about 8 minutes long and use audio through out - so I need to offer a pre-loading screen for slower computers and dial up options.

What I have thought is the answer looks like breaking the video into smaller screens. Is this the way streaming is achieved without having breaks in your video?

For instance I am going to animated with pixel based graphics and images to achieve this video to the back drop of music.

To achieve this I thought what is necessary is to make an intro scene that is very simplistic to cache and allow the player to cache the following scenes while the intro is playing. Is this how streaming is achieved?

Please share your advice! I am eager to try my understanding and see if I am getting the right picture.

Thanks for your input!

I’d avoid attempting to stream video to dial-up, the compromises that need to be made with regards to visual quality or preload waiting time are too much to make for a worthwhile user experience.

Depending on the content, you may be able to create a flash animation that depends mostly on vector content with perhaps a few slides that can go along with the audio,and can play back with a minimal preload.