New Venture Services, Corp & Network Solutions?

I cannot tell you enough how much trouble I have had in the past to transfer names out of Netsol. Things have definitely gotten better recently, but a few years ago it was such a mess. Just realize that domain registrars want you to keep your names with them, so it’s in their best intrests to make it more difficult for the owners to transfer their domains out.

How do I join this class action lawsuit?

I’m the latest one to get screwed by these guys, but probably not the last. I just talked to Network Solutions and the customer service guy on the phone said I wouldn’t believe how many of their customers he has talked to that have had this same problem.

So they know how much this happens, yet they don’t do anything about it. What a scam.

I have been on the web since 93 when Netsol was a monopoly - then and now they have always had a predatory attitude with nightmarish results for many of my customers and myself.

It’s not IF it’s legal to let a domain go the second it expires, it’s if it’s CORRECT to let that happen. Of course, it is not. I just had one Netsol ‘customer since 1998’ lose their domain by a few minutes to New Ventures. That’s just wrong. So that’s just the ethical side… but since this is like talking to Enron I guess here’s another paragraph…

The other aspect is the business side - why would one scare away long-standing customers or harm them? What business school did these guys go to? In case Netsol hasn’t noticed, customers are loyal to companies that do things right. Umm and there are good competitors now, it’s not like in the old days where the alternatives were bad - you really have to COMPETE today. In this case, you will never get this customer back and they will be pursuing all avenues to warn others - great job guys.

If Verisign spent so much on Netsol they can’t cover the debt, it’s not the customer’s fault.

So far I have seen zero improvement on Netsol’s part or I should say they’ve actually lowered their standards as others increase them dramatically day by day. Please spread the word, I have been able to move more than 5000 domains away from them for my customers over the past years. Do the math Netsol.

Neither is it necessarily NetSol’s fault if the domain expired and its registrant
hadn’t gotten around to renewing it on time, especially when their agreement
places that unenviable responsibility on the registrant.

BTW, VeriSign sold off NetSol years ago. They’re now separate entities.

Another unhappy customer who let his domain registration lapse only to see it sucked up by New Ventures. I went to and put in the name of my old site and found a link where I could submit a bid to buy back my domain name. <sarcasm> - in fact, there was an estimator there that showed me that a fair price for it would be 480-720 dollars. And best of all, a direct link to allow me to make an offer (minimum offer $100) to buy the site via the registrar (who happens to be Network Solutions) for which NetSol would only charge me an up-front, non-refundable fee of $19 AND a 5% of offer fee if it is accepted . </sarcasm>

Class Action law suit, anyone?

I also think Dave is their watch guy!

Class action law suit for what, especially if you didn’t renew your agreement?
And you have to demonstrate a specific monetary figure IIRC.

And naw, I ain’t got nothing to do with New Ventures. But I am also keen on
knowing who exactly are their people.

This is a shameless practice from Network Solutions. I have several people that are on board for a class action law suit. You ask about money losses. Do you have any idea how much much money a business losses when their domain name is stolen away? I had my domain name with you guys since 1999 and I was out of the country. What efforts has network solutions performed to assure a fair chance for me to renew? Very little!

After my domain name which I hosted with Network Solutions since 1999 got taken away by what is called New Venture. Today, I got a sympathetic lady from NetSol and she told me that my domain name is showing with their “Wholesale Dept.”!! Bingo. I knew that Network Solutions is doing this to make profits. The first time I called them they convinced to make an offer to New Venture and of course the offer got rejected by they kept their fee. Do you how much money this could add up to?

Ladies and gentlemen, we need a class action law suit and we need it now. Let me know your thoughts!

Well, I fit into the category of a domain name owner that let it expire (last week), so I called NetSol, to ask about it. I was praying for a way to pick it up again (for nothing else than EVERY email address and login I have is linked through that site).

When I got the NetSol person on the phone, they too gave me that phone number for New Venture, then said that I have to wait a week to see who the new owner of the site is going to be. (Obviously it’s NetSol).

So I called the number supplied and was told (just like you all) that they have nothing to do with NetSol and don’t deal with Domain names at all. I am so frustrated, by this circle of deception and appearance of fraud, that I don’t know what to do.

For the present time, I registered a decent domain that still works for my hobby and I can’t believe it’s not taken and I didn’t register it earlier.

My QUESTION for the forum is “how much does a person bid” for a previously owned domain? I’m not thrilled about NetSols suggestion that I place a bid, with an “upfront” “non-refundable” bid for my previously owned domain name. In addition THEY are the one that offers “THEMSELVES” a bid?

I’d love to throw in a bid (minimum of $100), I guess, but I don’t want to throw away the non-refundable fee, ya know. Has anyone had any experience in bidding?


First, WELCOME to SitePoint!

Second, I’m embarrassed to say that I recently allowed a client’s domain name to lapse. I went to the registrar ( a couple of days later, renewed (WITHOUT penalty) and all is well with the world. They’d also done that before when a client had decided to reverse his decision to quit the domain name weeks after lapse.

Third, let that be a lesson to you: Network Solutions not only overcharges SIGNIFICANTLY, their service is abysmal. Search through these threads for registrars and transfer your domain (after the mandatory 60 period).



Thank you DKLYNN for a quick reply. I’ll do the search you mentioned, but when you say that you were able to renew it a couple days later, your saying that no one (even NetSol) had taken it over?

Same behavior for me too, using GoDaddy, even if my domain expires they give me another two or three attempts (about 30 days I think) to renew before it’s gone forever. I recently decided to not renew a few domains, and got quite a few reminders and warnings before the eventual cancellation notice. You should have time to keep the name you want, even if the date of renewal has passed by a couple of days. But don’t quote me because all registrars are different and enforce different rules.

I am no web-master and did not understand what exactly was involved in transferring domain registration. I had thought that it was transferred to Yahoo before my account expired with Netsol. When the expiration came to pass my site was replaced with an unregistered Netsol page. I contacted them to tell them that the registration had been changed and that I needed the “pointer” to be redirected. Netsol did this(after the expiration) and I mistakenly thought this had resolved the problem. Then two weeks later I get an e-mail reminding me that my registration with them had expired and the next day it auctioned off the domain name. I understand my failure to fully understand what was done. What needed to be done. What I find frustrating is that my registration was expired for a month with no auction. Then when I inform that I thought the registration had been changed. Netsol says it was auctioned off to a list of people that had it on back order. The whois for my domain is now New Venture.
It seems I have no leg to stand on in that I didn’t understand that the registration was not transferred and that Netsol was in their legal right to auction off the domain. It seems shady to me that the domain registration had gone so long expired with no auction. Then when they find that not only do I still want it that I thought I still had it. It is sold off so quickly to New Venture.

Has anyone successfully repurchased their domain from New Ventures for the $100 minimum or how much did it really cost to get back in business?

Precisely! Just as if it was done within the term of last year’s registration. Obviously, my registrar was NOT Network Solutions!



Hi Everyone,

I just got an emial from someone offering me the chance to purchase a domain name just like the one I currently own except it’s a . com instead of . org. I looked up the company that owns the domain and saw this thread. Here’s what I found on New Ventures from whois for the domain they’re offering.
New Ventures Services, Corp
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
New Ventures Services, Corp
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447

Hello again,

Here’s the contact info that was in the email I recieved.

Gary Willicott
Tripod UK Ltd
+44 (0) 870 808 0073 (UK)
+1-877-783-5193 (USA)

And this is the email address the email came from;
backorders @tripodukonline. com

I was going to purchase the domain name but after reading this I decided I wasn’t going to give these people any money. I hope this help anyone out.

Here are some interesting findings on New Venture Services Corp and Network Solutions. If anyone has any contact information for them I would be more than happy to have it, as they purchased a domain that I would like to purchase back for my client.

[I was unable to upload the links, due to being a new member, but if you go to WIPO . Int and put in the following case numbers you can get the information:]

As usual any interactions with Network Solutions has been unproductive. They either give you the run around, tell you they will do nothing for you since you are not their paying customer, or they give you incorrect and inaccurate information. I recommend filing complaints with ICANN, you can do so at the following address:

[I was unable to post the link, but if you go to ICANN . Org and go to the bottom and click on the link for Complaint Form under “Have a problem with a Registrar”.

After reading all the previous threads dated in 2007, 2008, 2009 I thought I would post an update… New Venture Services & Network Solutions poor practices are still alive and kicking… My loss of Domain Name occurred Dec 2010 because I was never notified it was in danger of expiring. I had owned this .com name for over 10 years and had last renewed five years ago. Network Solutions said they notified my web Host, as somehow they had become the network solution’s primary contact for my domain name and supposedly NS notified a month ago the domain name was due to expire. Z57 never notified me, so when it did expire, it was bought by New Venture Services, Corp. Now it will cost me a minimum of $100 to purchase it back… if I can. (I had previously asked NS to remove my host as primary contact person and put my information as primary holder since I paid the bills not but they did not do that. And even tho I have a .net domain name with NS, they didn’t link the .com with the .net so they didn’t know to contact me about the expiration. Does anyone know if any lawsuit has been initiated against these poor business practices? Wouldn’t they have just rather had me renew my domain name for another 5 years? This seems like a lot of trouble to go through for another $100 bucks.