New Venture Services, Corp & Network Solutions?

Has anyone heard of New Venture Services, Corp? How are they affiliated with Network Solutions, if at all?

After a domain’s redemption period expires, can Network Solutions legally just transfer the domain to a company like New Ventures to be sold at a set price, or parked for traffic - without allowing it to be back-ordered through a domain service like Pool, or dropped at all?

When a .com domain name is in redemption period, it’s in the Registry’s hands.
The only thing the last sponsoring registrar can do during that time is to get it
back (or rather redeem it) [i]only[/i] for its last registrant.

However, the registrar can do something about the domain name once it has
expired but not yet deleted. That’s when it can auction it to whoever placed
a backorder for it or won through an auction.

Since it’s Netsol that’s being talked about here, read their deletion policy. It’ll
tell you what’ll happen to an expired domain name.

But if no one’s made a backorder, Netsol will delete it. It falls into redemption,
then pending delete, then becomes available for the taking.

Network Solutions or and Registrar does not have to allow a domain to go through the redemption process at all, ICANN rules allow all Registrars to Auction domains the very second it has expired.

Just to be clear and honest I work for NetSol, you can call tech support and tell them you would like to OPT-OUT of the ability to auction your domain, but you must call them and OPT-OUT.

As for New Ventures, they have no connection to NetSOl at all, they are a shell company for purchasing domains that expire and then use those domains for two reasons.

  1. They wait for the old owner to wake up and discover it expired and sell it at a premium.

  2. The look for expiring domains with good traffic and Google Ad them and reap revenue from your hard work.

I can’t tell you how many calls i take a day from customers that realize there domain expired and New Venture now owns it, They always use private registration and when customers ask about New Venture our standard response is to direct you to the Whois and use any info there for contact.

They own tens of thousands of domains and register them all at NetSol, to tell you how many domains they own, if you call in give me a domain name that they have purchased it takes our systems 10 to 15 minutes to load a New Venture acct.

New Ventures became well known about a year ago when ICANN not NetSol released a few hundred thousand domains for repurchase and they bought them all, next morning every body and there sister where calling NetSol because they where all registered there, thus making everyone assume there was a connection.

I would like to buy my domain back from New Venture Services, Corp. However, I can’t find any contact information for them. Does anyone know how to get ahold of them?

I had registered a domain with Network Solutions and kept it paid in full for 6 years. I found that Bravenet would host my website and register my domain for a fraction of the cost. NS customer service kept making excusses why I couldn’t get my name transferred. One day I was told BY NS Customer Service (if you can call it that) to turn off my protection so I could transfer the domain. NS then conspired with New Venture Services to hijack my domain and ask for a minimum bid of $100 just to see if they would consider selling my domain back. In the business world this would be illegal, why does ICANN allow this to happen. I have sent two complaints to ICANN no reply

Can someone give me any advice how to get my domain back without having to reward thiefs???

Sorry to read what happened to you. But if you passionately believe Network
Solutions had indeed “conspired” against you, then seek legal advice.

I have many reasons to say why you’ve posted here is flat wrong. But I won’t
bother since I know you’ll disagree.

The reason ICANN allows this to happen is because they don’t have any “law”
or policy specifically banning this practice for now.

Hey Dave, Please tell me believe it or not I’m open minded. I do however have a printed hard copy of my reply from Network Solutions telling me to turn off my protection so I could transfer my domain to Bravenet. Funny thing New Venture snatched it up before I could transfer. As for legal advice my domain was for a hobby of automobile racing and made no revenue just traffic so people could keep up with my racing team. Paying a Lawyer is not something I could afford or I would have stayed with Network Solutions.

Pardon for not replying sooner, just got in.

The VeriSign COM NET Registry autorenews an expired .com domain and charges
the sponsoring registrar accordingly for it. However, the registrar has up to 45
days to ask VeriSign to delete its record and be refunded for it.

Some give a short “grace period” (e.g. Go Daddy’s 12) while others can afford to
give a longer one (e.g. Network Solutions’ and Moniker’s 35). But no registrar is
compelled to give any at all, it’s just a “courtesy” if they can afford it.

A popular practice among many domain registrars nowadays is to try to auction
an expired domain name successfully before deleting it within that 45 day period.
If the expired domain name isn’t renewed within the registrar’s grace period, the
registrar try to sell it and transfer its ownership to whoever made a “backorder”
or award it to the highest bidder after concluding an auction of multiple bidders,
or delete it after a few more days if no one’s interested.

Most if not all registrars who auction expired domain names do state such as
policies or in their legal agreements. Network Solutions posted it somewhere in
their site, try to look under “deletion policy” (their page isn’t loading for me as
of this post for some reason).

And of course, we domain registrants agree to all those terms the moment we
check the box beside something like “I have read the contract and agree to all
its terms.” People will surely be taken by surprise (even get frustrated) when
they don’t read the fine print and try to understand what they’re potentially
getting into.

I don’t know who New Ventures is, but they are fully aware of Netsol’s policy.
How they’re able to determine which names are worth bidding and which are
not is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately it’s Netsol’s policy not to give any info whatsoever on who they
are. Then again, that’s adopted by similar companies not to give client info to
any 3rd party without a court order.

I see this forum hasn’t been active for a while, but I’m very curious to know how to contact New Ventures Services about buying back my woefully expired domain. Any info is appreciated, thanks.


Does the site in question have any link to contact them to make an offer?

There doesn’t seem to be any point of contact on the page ( but the whois has an email address of… which is a catchy and memorable email to be sure.

I have contacted this address, but still haven’t heard anything. Those snakes… :nono:



i’ve same problem with new venture
have you find some information about those snakes !!!
thank you for your answer

julien from France

yeah, I’ve got information - but you’re not going to like it. I used Network Solutions “make an offer” type tool to pay $125 USD to get my stinkin’ URL back.

They weren’t the most polite or punctual bunch by email either.

Good luck.

Did you say something via email that set them off? If you did, that might be a
reason why they weren’t “the most polite”.

If I myself got an email claiming I stole their domain name via backorder when
it turns out they didn’t renew it on time, I might reply back harsh. (Actually I
just ignore them, but I keep their emails JIC…)

Sorry again for the bump, but this is the first listing in a google search for corp new ventures services.
I was on the phone with network solutions and they gave me the number for corp new ventures services it’s 284-494-6727
hope that helps. <rant> It really irks me to see the way the domain registry system is abused sometimes. I was just looking for some names I was interested in that had expired, and all of a sudden the whois info goes all wierd and I can’t find ANY info (I had to talk to an actual human being, that’s how bad it was(joke)) but here the site has been taken by a company which has no intention of using it, they’re not even link farming it, it just comes up as “could not locate remote server”. I mean at least drop a hint or something. If only they had a fair and equitable method of canceling domain names if people aren’t using them reasonably. sigh. </rant>

Same thing happened to me. My domain registered with Network Solutions was nearing expiration so instead of renewing with NS, I decided to transfer to my website host (who holds the registration for my other domains). I was also told by NS to remove the protection and was even given an authorization code to give to my new registrar. I gave it to my new registrar and then was told to wait. While I was waiting my grandfather died and my family had to pick up and move (with no notice) in with my grandmother (who has severe dementia and alzheimer’s). So I was understandably BUSY for a few weeks while we took care of the funeral and the move. Now that things have calmed down I check on the transfer and it STILL hasn’t gone through. I ask NS WHY and they tell me that they sold it to New Ventures when it “expired”.

So yes, NS told me to remove the protection. They gave me the authorization code for the transfer. But my new host told me it was never unlocked (which I guess means it was sold automatically when the protection was removed).

And even better… NS now denies ever authorizing the transfer or giving me the authorization code. They even say they have no record of the request for transfer. (The dirty dogs.)

I’m assume they’re not scum, they just have terrible customer service. Which, gosh, may be one of the reasons why I was transfering.

BTW, my stolen domain was owned by me for the last 10 or so years and was for personal use. It was just a personal home page and wedding and baby photo album. It has sentimental value and I would like it back but it urks me to have to pay NV over a hundred dollars to get back what is rightfully mine.

Rightfully mine because I already paid my new host for it!!!

FYI, I just tried phoning the number that the “Just Visiting” member (above) said was given by Network Solutions as the phone for Corp New Ventures Services. (284-494-6727), since the contact phone number listed in WhoIs is short by one digit and does not connect. (+1.507088878).

The lady answered as some other company name, but said, yes, they are New Ventures Services (so some company operating as NVS, or NVS operating as some other company, or they are both owned by someone else, or are two separate companies consisting of the same people, or whatever).

I said I may be interested in buying some of the domain names they own. I see that they appear to have acquired some expired sites I’ve been to in the past, and now use them for advertising. But as they might not be turning a profit on all the domains; do they have a list of domains for sale?

The two people I spoke to said that New Ventures is not in the business of dealing with domain names at all. They said they provide “incorporation services” (e.g. for a fee they make it easy for you to create a corporation, as there is a bunch of paperwork and requirements to meet when doing that).

I did tell them that Network Solutions and WhoIs list them as the owners of several domains. They said they had no idea why that might be.

OK, so apparently they are inadvertantly, inaccurately, and unknowledgeably listed as the owners of several thousand domain names. Interesting.

One of my clients wanted to transfer her domain name from NS to Godaddy. She was given a code that was supposed to be entered at Godaddy. However, Godaddy was not able to use it. In the meantime, the domain was put up for auction and now the Whois database says that New Ventures Services owns it. As you can imagine, my our client is not happy. She suggeted that NS should be sued.
I think, after seeing very similar complaints against NS, that a class action lawsuit should be put on NS for not providing promised service. We should start a petition and let everybody join and file the suit against them.



I will try the avenue you suggest here for my client. She is very upset with NS as they provided wrong information when she tried to transfer her domain name to Godaddy. This misrepresentation and the back and forth between the two companies and my client let the domain name expire and taken by New Ventures Services. I am not sure if this was the goal of NS to ‘punish’ her for being ‘unfaithful’. We are sure that it was an unethical and a dishonest business practice that should be sanctioned. She is so upset that she wants to sue NS. I have seen several different forums where tons of people were complaining about NS’s similar business practices. Therefore I decided to start a petition and get people to join to file a class action lawsuit against NS. Hope, after the lawsuit, some honest people, like you can take the top positions at NS to transform the company.

Here is the address for New Ventures Services, Corp:

Simmonds Building
Wickhams Cay 1
PO Box 961
Road Town

I also have their email address, of people want it. I don’t know who they are, but they have registered thousands of domain names.

I am a domain name professional, and can talk about these matters, but my time is limited. It appears that the name expired, was not renewed and was passed over to this company by Network Solutions.