New to pinterest

.I have seen many people use pinterest nowdays. How to use pinterest ? And whats the actual use behind pinning the post ?

Hello dear

Very simple you go and create profile on pinterest and add our page(create board) and start pinning.

Pinterest is really easy to use just create an account and board of your interest add pin it button on your browser just start pinning your interested images don’t forget to give your valuable description for your share

Pinterest is an image sharing website. just create your profile and create different board as per your interest, pin beautiful images.

Pinterest is the platform to share photos by pinning. You can create a free account there, share your favorite photos, and get likes repins to them. It is one of the best website to promote your own website by sharing photos from your own webpages.

Just create your account at pinterest site and then Create your board at pinterest dashboard. Then Add pin at the board.

So, it is simple method of pinterest.

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