How to use social media to attract people to a website?

I have twitter accounts, facebook groups(mine is , how do I get more notice to my FB and other social pages. I want to know how to use FB and Pinterest to promote my site.

There many ways to attract people but social media is very famous.

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In response to the @Archbob’s question:

I see your website is linked on your FB page, and the great point here is that your site is about pictures (photos) so Pinterest is a great platform to get people back to your FB. Also if they are willing (due to content) will find your website. Make sure to visit Pinterest’s help page on this topic: Share Pins and boards on Facebook or Twitter

Also Campaigns and or Promotions drive traffic to the intended destination.

If your website is a business, I would convert your Pinterest account to a business account and use their business tools to drive people to your FB Page or website.


Add addition to @William_Peterson’s reply, be sure to add Twitter and Instagram into the mix as well. Use hashtags wisely and your account will end up getting a ton of exposure.

As for promoting it, this is the tricky part. Getting the first few hundred Facebook likes is difficult, but maximize ads and other tools.

Use Twitter,Facebook,google plus and Instagram with daily update get connected with your target audience people will attract gradually

The way I use social media to attract people to a website is by sharing our blog post. First we write a killer blog post with awesome picture and the we share a link to that post on social media.

I am actually really interested in Pinterest since my site contains public domain photos. Anyone have experience in that?

You may have to be more definitive in your questions.

These are good tips. I’ve installed the facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc buttons on the images. Are there any popular facebook groups where I can post some pics that you guys know of?

Social media is very trending for marketing. There are lots of benefit that we get from social site. but there are also important that we use it properly.Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest all are popular social media sites and use by many peoples.

To get traffic from this sites there is very important that we updated about trending things and be active on social site. For getting traffic first of all you increase your friend and followers through likes, comments or share other post. Join conversation and always share post with good content. Giving links to your website or in your website make sure that your all social media icons were put on top of your website that every body were see it and connecting through those icons.

The best ways to attract people is by writing stunning blog about recent trends with amazing photos and post it to some famous social media network. Invite friends related to your field. If your post is amazing to read, it is shared by many peoples, that automatically drive traffic to your website.

Your website is about photos so the best solution is to post attractive and beautiful photos on pinterest, facebook and twitter that users most like. Intelligently Use the hash(#) tag so that users can find your images easily.

You can attract people through social media sites Twitter and Facebook by posting unique content related to your business or services, but the posting should be related to your service and put attractive images, videos and follow the trend. Give proper hashtag.