New to job

I have come from a procedural programming background to oop The problem is that this company is quite new and the management is a bit of a mess but the team is very good at what they do.

I was hired as long as I train myself in c# and keep up with the work load. I have been there for 3 months out if a 6 month temporary contract then they decide wether to keep me.

My problem is that now we are one man down and the workload and deadlines are to much to handle not just for me but the team is suffering.

My performance is suffering and I am not learning anything. It’s a rushed job and not taking time to absorb the information. I am trying to learn it in my own time but getting home late and weekends are do busy finding the time is rare.

Can anyone offer advice and help in my situation.


Talk to your manager/boss about the situation. It’s possible they aren’t aware of what’s actually happening.

In my review meeting I did voice my opinions across and he is well aware of the situation. But to be honest I am not sure if that is enough. They are trying to hire other people but I think the timeline will not work in my favour.

We have had such bad technical problems with the new building move such as no Internet and servers going down. I think I joined the company at such a bad timing.

Difficult situation ! I can only suggest that you try to remain focused on the challenges and try your best to overcome them. Don’t keep thinking about how management may be judging you, as this won’t help your self confidence. Usually if there is a company-wide problem, your bosses will know about it and are probably dealing with hundreds of other issues at the moment. My suggestion is to go to your boss with issues plus suggestions on how to fix them as opposed to just issues. You’ll get greater support this way.

If all else fails, then you may need to considering changing jobs.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies. Will take your advice.

Here is what I would do

  • Accept the fact that one guy is down and your workload has been increased.
  • While you are spending your own time “learning”, do not consider this as a “work” but as a personal training development. I think they are very gracious to accept someone who are willing to learn on the fly instead of hiring someone who’s expert in your field
  • There will be a time when you’ll become the master of your field due to the experiences you had and it will help you get next job much easier and possibly more pay

The last thing you want to be is to be “stressed out”. Accept the worst case scenario and worry about how you’ll handle the situation. Once you create personal road map then just follow it. If it doesn’t go well then at least you got some experience out of it. Also, keep in mind of life style changes that you’re not willing to sacrifice! For example, working out 1 hour daily and etc… If they are asking u to work 12 hours daily… I’d start another job search asap. Anyways, g’luck!!! Just do the best you can and even if at a worst case scenario… you’ll be fine. Like the saying “If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger”

Hello boy!
I am JhonMoney I read your story. It was not a good sign. I will give you the following tips;
1. Don’t worry what’s happening around you. Your that bad time is temporarily. You must complete your that duration till your contract.
2. what ever you’re doing in your office? that’s your learning at all.
3. you should prepare your mind for doing anything.
After following these things you can hope for a better time.