New Programming Team Mentors

New Programming Team Mentors

As Team Leader of the Programming Team, I am pleased to announce the following three new Mentors:

K. Wolfe
K. Wolfe - Member of the Month November 2012

Michael Morris
February 2012 Member of the Month

Pullo—Member of the Month, December 2012

As you can see by reading their Member of the Month interviews, they have different skillsets and interests, so their joining really helps “round out” the team.

Please join me in giving them a big Congratulations!

Congrats guys, and welcome to the orange side of life. The skill sets you each have and the knowledge you have shared over the past months/years has been invaluable.

Thanks for offering your services to the forums, guys. You are the kind of people who make this a great place to visit. :slight_smile:

I’m honored at the opportunity to do some really neat things around here.

Well deserved promotions for all of you! :tup:

Congratulations on getting your new orange suites: Michael @Michael_Morris , Kyle @K_Wolfe and Dave @Pullo. Luckily they aren’t Penitentiary suits, even so you’ll standout in the forum but hopefully for your tireless mentor work and efforts in the SPF forums. :cool:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Im honored guys! Thank you so much!

Thank you for such a great opportunity.

Congratulation Guys :slight_smile: