New Programming Team Advisor

Please join us in congratulating Pullo who has earned a well deserved promotion to an Advisor on the Programming Team!

Welcome to the Green Side Pullo! :tup:

Congratulations! :tup:

Welcome @Pullo ;

Green looks very good on you.

Thanks for stepping up @Pullo; :slight_smile:

Welcome to the green side :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Well deserved.

Congratulations, Pullo! Green looks positively Great on you!!!

Very well deserved.

Thank you very much for the kind words everybody.
Although there’s a lot to learn, I’m really enjoying being green and @cpradio ; is a great mentor.

You seem to be doing great so far. :tup:

And you’ve already taken care of one of the more important tasks for a new Advisor … a matching avatar :wink:

Thank you for joining the green! You are a great asset!

Thank you Mittineague and ServerStorm.

Regarding my avatar, I was even thinking of getting a new one.
My user name was inspired by this gentleman, so I was thinking of something more, well, ferocious :slight_smile: