New Content Team Mentors!

Please join me in congratulating @John_Betong ; and @Rubble ; as new Mentors for the Content Team. Welcome guys! It’s good to have you aboard!

Well deserved for both of you. And might I say, you both look good in Orange!

Well deserved! :tup:

A great choice. Welcome aboard! :tup:

Hope @John_Betong[COLOR=#464646][FONT=Helvetica Neue] ; and @[/FONT][/COLOR][URL=“”]Rubble ; enjoy the mentoring process. I know that we are glad that you both joined the team. Congrats!

Welcome aboard guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for offering your services in these hallowed forums, guys!

Congratulations, guys - well deserved. :slight_smile:

Wow, 2 great new mentors! Congrats guys

I know I’m late but congratulations and welcome to the group :smiley:

I hope you are settling in well John and Rubble and doing your best looking Content Mentor orange. :cool:

I missed this thread. Congratulations!

ok so these mentors are the best people to ask if i got a question?

ohh and congrats new mentors

If you have a question about the forums, you can ask it in the Forum support & feedback forum.
If you want to point the attention of a staff member on a certain post (because you believe it’s fluff, spam, in the wrong forum, etc) then you can use the little red report flag button that you’ll find to the left of each post.
If you have a question that only a staff member can answer and you don’t want the whole world to see, then you can send a PM. Do read the FAQs about PM’s:

All other questions are best posted in the suitable forum, where all members (staff and non) can join the discussion and contribute to the answers. There are a lot of great non-staff members here that answer questions.

ok thanks for the info

Awesome choice well done