New PHP Programmer

I am new to PHP programming language and want some guidance related to it. I know that today majority of the worldwide websites are developed in PHP and it is quite flexible too. It can be even clubbed with different softwares and databases. So please provide me some fruitful guidance whether I should commence in PHP development or not ? Thanks

I’m not sure about any of that, but here is a picture of a cute kitten:

Off Topic:

you lost me here… why a pic of a cute kitten? I mean… Don’t want to sound harsh but… why posting at all when you’re not going to answer the question. I have not approved the attachment, by the way

Because it’s such a generic question that there’s no point asking it.

[ot]We get this type of questions a lot… although more of them are “should I learn PHP or should I learn .NET?”. Yet, when there are knowledgeable people and there’s a good debate there can be quite interesting… So I agree with you… up to a point[/ot] I’m closing this thread because there are lots of threads that, if you search for them, can answer this question for you. It’s been asked too many times with different wording. I do agree with @aaarrrggh; that with so many debates over the same topic, it is not of much use for the community to debate it again. We will be able to help when you have a specific question. Now, if you want my opinion: yes, you should. :smiley: