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Hi all. I have started learning php and I am totaly beginer. My question is it is worth to learn php,is it still popular language to learn? I have read on some forums that php will die. Any toughts? Thanks

No PHP is not dead, it is far from it. Still in active development, lots of applications on the web use it, to say it is dead would be utterly wrong.

Whether you should learn it, is a different question. What do you want to do for your day to day job? Where do you want to work? What applications do you want to interact with?

Thank you for answer. I am new to programing I have just start learning, I was worried when I read all that post how php will die so I would not waste my time if so. (Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: )

You must be visiting Ruby on Rails forums :slight_smile:


Maybe this article will be of some use to you.

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PHP is the dominant web scripting language, but there’s a lot of PHP programmers out there so PHP programmers make less than their colleagues in Java, C and .Net if you look over the data. I think this is however slightly skewed because there’s a lot of self styled programmers in the PHP field that can, at best, cobble a theme together in WordPress or Drupal and they barely understand the language itself. Those folks make a lot less than programmers of any stripe cause they’re a dime a dozen.

That said, as a programming student you should focus on learning programming concepts rather than programming languages. Languages come and go - fundamental concepts such as functions, data types, data structures, program flow, object oriented programming, and design patterns persist across multiple language. Once you have a firm grasp of those concepts learning how to implement them across multiple languages becomes easier.

It is unlikely that you will spend all your time in just one language in this field. Personally I spent more time with JavaScript and Sass markup than I do with PHP at work, despite being the strongest PHP programmer on staff (Though I’m far from the strongest programmer overall, I will defer to at least four of my colleagues on that count)


Thank you for answer

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