New Google logo

What do you think of Google’s new logo?

I don’t like it…

I think it’s made a bit of an over-dramatic production of every time they change it. At least this time there’s some noticeable change,… it doesn’t strike me personally as better or worse. It’s just a change. I’m sure that’s not the reaction they want from people, but /shrug

For discussion purposes:


I did the animated gif because I didn’t bother to snag a screenshot :smiley: and it shows the new icon, as well.

I like the new logo… but I really don’t like the new icon. It’s very childish looking.


I like it. It’s cleaner and seems less contrived.

Only thing I don’t care for is they tweaked the colors. The brightened the blue and red significantly, and tweaked the yellow and green. I think the new logo in the previous colors would have been more effective.

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I prefer it to the old one. But that’s maybe more that I was not a fan on the old one.
Strange, when I first saw it, I had a thought that they may drop the multi colour design too, and they were just keeping it for now to ease the transition. Pure speculation on my part, based on no evidence whatsoever and quite probably completely wrong. The colours are part of the branding, even if they do look awful on the G icon, which would certainly look better in plain blue.

I think they should switch back to the green ‘G’ on the front.

party like it’s 1998, huh?

Google logo change

Q: Do they still do search?

A: Yes they do!

OK, I’m done here…


It is the new Goo-glogo?

No, it’s the new Googoo-gaga. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What do you guys think about this one I found on Behance:

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I would have preferred something more creative like that. :slight_smile:

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However some designers say that Google is much more than a search
engine now which is true. But I really dont see that in the wordmark…I
guess that is why it is wordmark haha

Yes, good point. Although you could also argue that Google has returned to being a search engine, with other undertakings coming under the new banner they have—Alphabet (or whatever it is).

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what other new undertakings?

Google is now just one company of what is soon to be many under Alphabet:

I hope they, one day, invent a new Soup!!

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Self-driving cars and al that. :slight_smile:

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Want to lay an alpha bet on that?

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I don’t understand what you guys are talking about…