Badge design & colors

What do you guys think of my 3 main badges? I know I still need a lot of work on them. The version numbers will be generated.

I like only the first badge.

Why ?

That simple. Because the first have only one colour, just with a small difference. Other have two colour.

Keep in your mind that only my opinion. :wink:

But that look beautiful. :slight_smile:

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lol, thanks. I was thinking if I should use some google fonts to make them look a little better. The fonts look a little plain.

Mine as well.
Not that I’m a graphics expert by any means, but the Apache and MySQL seem a bit “jarring” to me and I prefer more “subtle”

About google font, did you mean the material design font (roboto) ?

Please note, I’m only a developer and I haven’t any experience with design lol.

lol, thanks. The only thing that sucks is, that’s the actual color of MySQL’s design and Apache, I couldn’t get close to the color if I tried. Their colors are hot colors and it’s not just a single color, it’s like 4 mixed with each other. It’s like purple, red, orange, and yellow. Could only use 2 of the 4 colors.

Yup. Basically typography. I am currently using the default font from Windows. There are some pretty neat fonts out there. I really like Ubuntu’s font, but sometimes it just doesn’t suit the situation.

Don’t forget about accessibility and color contrast. For some, the text in those buttons will be very hard to read. There are loots of tools for testing readability, such as,bg=333333


Good link, thank for sharing.

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