Yahoo logo

what do you folks think? better or worse than the choosen one.
personally can’t say i think it is better.

not that i am crazy about the current one either.

I prefer present one! it’s good

Same here from me. Current logo looks good and well-known…

This could be an interesting discussion, but a list of “I like” and “I don’t like” replies is of no use or interest to anyone here. So from now on, please explain why you prefer one design over the other, or none at all.

The new Yahoo! logo is dull, in my view – it doesn’t stand out, and it looks dated. Yes, the old logo probably had had its day, and it’s always difficult to refresh a major brand like that, but this isn’t what they need. Max Ma’s idea was a much stronger logo – it is more visual, more distinctive, more modern, and because it includes an icon as well as just text it is suitable for favicons, social media bars and the rest of it.

Hmmm…interesting opinion. I thought the “alternate” version is cold and impersonal. I’m not a fan of either the old nor the new, but I didn’t like the alternative at all…it also reminded me of another organizations (especially the text treatment), but couldn’t figure out which one…

the official one is dull but clear and to the point. A very simple but definite brand that ties back to the original as well. Liked the font.
the one from Ma is more decorative but also kinda dull for me, made me think of yogurt actually. I really didn’t like the “y” i think it could have gone somewhere though.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make that much of an impact.

But, if I would have to choose one over the other, I would have to say I like the new one.

It takes modern flat design into consideration. So, in a way it is forward thinking.

For me, the new logo may doesn’t speak much from that old one. The old logo seems to be more expressive.

I personally liked “Yahoo Intern Logo Concept” logo.

It is fresh, modern and better than other two logo’s.

I like its design today because its very simply and I find it very catchy.

I like the current logo, it’s well-known and easy recognizing. I think Yahoo should save its traditions in design, maybe just fix up smth. according to modern trends. :slight_smile: