New Gaming Website Idea

Hi all, I am fairly new here I am looking to start my own online business with a very minimul budget at the moment I have a few ideas floating about but I am not sure how to put these ideas into action or where to ask for advise as I am scared my ideas might be used by other people, I have been told to start of with something I enjoy doing and one of my main enjoyments is Xbox360 online gaming.

I am a member of the following website where me and a few friends have setup various online clans (teams) to compete against other gamers, now the main problem with this site is there are no different leagues depending on gamers skill levels e.g. a member new to the site can setup a team find a match with another member but that member might be no.1 in the league as a result they will get totally owned and this happens more often than not and after losing every game a lot of members tend to leave and not bother with the site. What I would like to achieve is a site based on the same principal as but is setup slightly different with different leagues based on members skill levels e.g. the English football league you get Premiership, League 1, League 2 so on and so on, you wont get a game on a saturday against Chelsea who is top of the Premiership playing a team that is bottom of the third division.

Like I said I dont really have the money to spend £1000`s on the site so I am looking to start small maybe start of with a couple of leagues just for the main online games first and then see how it goes.

I dont have any business or web deisgn background so I am really hoping someone could help me get this idea of the ground

Thanks for looking, any advise would be gratefully received.

You could work with some sort of a scoring system to avoid what happened on the other site. I.o.w. If a certain player has a certain amount of points after a certain period of time, he/she will be upgraded to a higher level and can not longer compete in that lower level. There are different ways of doing this, but I don’t think that is your main priority. You first need to set up the site so it’s fully functional. Like Mounty said before me this need to be done in server side scripting. If you don’t know how to do that you need to hire someone but I doubt, with your requirements, that you will find someone who is willing to do it for that amount of money

You’d need to do a bit of coding, maybe start with PHP or another server side scripting language. But wouldn’t the same problem exist if the top players register new accounts to beat on the newcomers?