ChatRoulette type site

Im currently in the works of trying to design a website similar to chatroulete and omegle. But for adults only, plus a paid membership. My question is, how is this possible and how much will it run me for the scripting and security? I’m on a very small budget, so please try to be open minded here.

  • On this site when you first come to the website, have something ask if they are Male or Female, and then they can select what they are wanting to connect to (Male seeking female/Female seeking male/ect). Also, since this is an adult website and I want it to be available to more than one small group of audience, so I would go in more detail of what you want to search for. I want the script to be exactly like chatroulete, just a membership plan to access the webcamming, webchatting, and other features. Now, I know absolutely nothing about scripting or how to go about making the memberships. That’s where I am asking for help. And like I said, please be open minding about pricing. You can either direct me references that are easy enough for me to do it myself or you can step up to the plate and freelance for me. I just need an idea on how much this will cost me and where to get started. Much help needed and many thank yous in advance!

I’d except quite a lot of money and expertise for all those elements so perhaps you might want to check out: