How do i?

How would you put a game like the link below up? can someone help me,

Like do i need servers and stuff what tools/ equipments do i need to put a game like that online?

You need a server, a bunch of programmers, artists and musicians to actually build the game. Oh and probably a couple of hundred thousand dollars investment capital :smiley:

A dedicated server is almost guaranteed to be required if you want the game to have a decent number of players (read: 5+) on at once.

As far as money…Unless you know a lot of people who will do a LOT of work for free, you can expect to be paying people’s salaries. Your programmers, artists, musicians… they all need to eat. :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of server? A big one.

But seriously, creating a game like that takes a lot of time, work and patience. If you’re not sure what kind of server you need, I’d suggest not starting this project until you find a friend/ associate who can help you with the technical aspects of creating, hosting and managing such a game.

Yea I know it’ll take a lot of time and stuff, but what kind of server is needed to host a game like that a dedicated?

when you say hundred thousands of dollars investment capital what do you mean?

What kind of server? and what you mean by hundred thousand dollars investment capital?