New G & M Advisor

I am pleased to announce that @TechnoBear has been promoted to the rank of Advisor. Her energy, enthusiasm and helpful nature have proven to be a real commodity to the forums.

Congrats, Lesley!

Congratulations Lesley and well deserved :slight_smile:

This is clearly just part of her secret plan to take over the Internet. :shifty:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Well done Yogi have fun in your new uniform cleaning up the forums and doing the Advisory Grow and Manage roles. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the promotion! Well deserved. Enjoy it :).

From the little I had to do with T.B. so far, it really seems like she’s your above the average person. Congrats.

Very, very well deserved! Congratulations!


Congrats! I see the staff were carried away by your wiles and whiskies. Especially the whiskies… om nom nom drool


Congratulations Lesley :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone.

@cydewazeDarn - you’ve rumbled me… :shifty:

@Stomme_poesYou think the SitePoint staff can be swayed by alcohol and my proximity to nine famous whisky distilleries? Oh, shame on you, suggesting such a thing. :eek: (Stomme poes? Niet. Slimmer dan de gemiddelde kat. :lol: )

Congrats Lesley! You deserve the promotion!

Keep up the good work you do around here.

If they can’t be, something’s gone horribly wrong. Or the staff is just shamefully ignorant and lacking much-needed exposure to these most excellent beverages. Which perhaps the company in Oz should cough up some money so this problem can be rectified… a trip to Scotland for all staff.

Though for some that would entail losing over a day of their lives sitting next to screaming babies with horrid illnesses on stuffy airplanes…

Sounds a grand idea to me. As long as they come by ferry or don’t want to all travel together - our “local” plane only seats 34. :smiley:

That should be enough :slight_smile:

So deserved TechnoBear! Thanks for all that you do!