Please help me quote a Joomla Website

Hi guys,

I am a freelance web developer who has been working on/off since 2003. All my past clients websites have been made with html/css.

Today a potential client asked me to convert their existing basic 6 page html website into a Joomla CMS Website.

Seems they are unhappy about paying their current web company ( $100 each time they want an upgrade.

How much should I be quoting this potential client?

This project will be a great learning tool so I don’t want to over quote and I don’t want to under quote.

My initial thoughts were $1000AU , but then I thought $800AU might be a good starting point

What are your experiences and thoughts regarding redesigning basic 6 page existing html websites to joomla?


A lot will depend on whether they will let you change the design of the site, so you can use a premade template and just adjust it, or whether they want exactly the same look, which means you will need to build a custom template for them. That would increase the cost quite a bit.

It sounds like they just want it to be exactly the same, only a CMS so they can update.

I don’t think it would be too hard to talk them into a pre-made template.

Maybe pre-made $800

Custom $1200


How long do you believe it will take to complete the project?
What do you believe is a fare hourly rate given your experience and/or lack thereof?
Are you competent in both front-end and back-end development?
Have you worked with Joomla before and if so to what capacity ie. theming (htm/css) and/or feature enhancements, bug fixing etc. that require programming?
Is the client familiar enough with Joomla to be happy enough with how it works out of the box or will custom development be necessary for certain features putting aside theming?

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