.net setup and deployment

I have to deploy a windows application(in .net 3.5 or 4.0). But, it shows the error “the following may have dependencies that cannot be determined automatically.please confirm that all dependencies have been added to the project”. The dlls are iframe.dll, mso.dll…

Note: The project was done in .net 3.5

I have added reference to all dlls to all the folders - debug, release, bin e.t.c. But it does not work.

Please do clarify my doubts in deployment

  1. why does the .vdproj file is different from when we open in notepad, and when we open in vs studio. What changes are made in that file during deployment by the CLR.

  2. After .net 2.0, if we add reference to a file, then automatically, it will take those reference without the need for coding in app.config file. But, in this do we need to add any code in the app.config file.

  3. Even though i have entirely removed the text ieframe.dll … from all the files, still in the “detected dependencies”, the files are getting generated. I just could not find from where it is getting detected. Could you plz explain how this happens.

  4. Also what is the role of .config and .vdproj files in ensuring the references and dependencies for the project.

Plz help me!! This is very very important.
Thanks in Advance.

Not sure what iframe is but mso.dll is Microsoft Office, which probably would not be in the project.

As for your questions:

  1. Not exactly sure, but the .xproj files are what visual studio uses to know how to build a project using msbuild. Should not be changed by opening in notepad, visual studio just knows how to interpret them.

  2. Probably not, it can’t find statically linked references here.

  3. Check your project – did you remove the reference?

  4. Neither of those files has much to do with resolving references.

Thanks for the reply. Very helpful. But still i am not clarified. Can any one else help me out.

(Actually, i did not remove any dll from the bin, but i removed from the references.)

first of all. can you confirm the dlls you are reference with is in your bin folder.