CS files - where can I find


I am extremely new to programming and don’t understand all that entails working with files already created, so I apologize for the annoying questions.

I am working on a new site and trying to find their .cs files on the dedicated server. I can’t see them via ftp so I figured they were kept hidden. So I can now see the server side, but can’t find them. I’m going nuts trying to locate them.

Any suggestions?

thank you :slight_smile:

First, what language/environment are you working with?

With your mention of .cs files, I’m guessing .Net.

Yes, asp.net.

The .cs files in a project are typically compiled upon deployment. The .asp files should still be readable after deployment. Your best bet may be to find the project it was built from.

Ok, I think I understand. So they are compiled into dll files, is that correct. That is was I was told.
So to edit the existing code I need to find the original project it was build from and that should have the .cs files?
Here is my predicament: I am the front end developer and trying to work with a programmer that is not able to figure out what we want done. They said they did part of it and it isn’t working, so I really want to see the code. I’m new but I can read it somewhat and have read a ton on what we need done.
They told us they can not do 301 perminent redirects to dynamic aspx pages. But they can for the static pages. I read that you can do these for the dynamic pages, so I really really want to get my hands on the right files to test with.
Thank you SO much for your input!

As long as you have an address to redirect to, you can redirect to anything you want.

Thank you so much Force Flow! You have been so much help.
Can I ask you one more (hopefully) question about this?
Since you say I can redirect anything, can I do a rewrite for anything?
I have /page1, /page2, and /page3 that all have different urls but the same content. I want them all to read url as …/newpage and all of them to 301 redirect to newpage. Is that possible? I was also told that this was not possible by our programmers but that seems a reasonable thing people would need done if they find duplicate pages. I don’t want to have all those duplicate pages, but of course we don’t want to get rid of the links either.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re running a version of IIS. You may have to poke around to find a technique which works for your specific environment.

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Thank you Force Flow! They still say they can do it how we need above, with several pages going to one. I’ll thoroughly read through those links and I’ll keep you posted if their is (actually when) I find a solution :slight_smile: