WebForms Deployment - Setting the compiled \\bin directory DLL names

Hi, I’m sure this is simple but I can’t quite find out how to do it in Visual Studio. How can I specify the DLL names in the \bin directory when the application is deployed - even with “Use fixed naming and single page assemblies” option checked, it still appends “random” characters to the DLL name.

Usually a dll file will be names the same as your project: projectName.dll. How are you building these dll files?

I’ve created a website and am deploying it by using the publishing wizard from the Build menu - the [Publish Solution] (I think) option. It creates DLLs like app_code…azzzazaza.dll . I will be integrating this into an existing app (that I don’t have the source code for) so would the web deployment work doing this? I take it that web deployment tool is an addon to VS?

“Still appends” or “forgot to clean my solution and rebuild”?

Lots depends on what sort of project this is and some other options.

you can use the Web Deployment Tool to compile all the assemblies into one single assembly named as of your choice.

just google by “web deployment tool visual studio (version number)”