Negative aspects of SEO

can anyone tell me is there any negative aspects in SEO? If so, what are they?

There are lots of bad practices around SEO that can get your site banned from Google et al., so you certainly need to be careful. Good SEO is often called ‘white hat’ and bad SEO ‘black hat’, and there’s a ton of info about each online.

One negative aspect of SEO is that it can take up time that would be better spent improving the content and user experience on your site. Too many people fall for the SEO pitch and spend ages “optimising” their site (usually to little effect), and neglect the site itself. There’s little point in having a site that’s #1 in Google if people then don’t want to use the site.

The most challenging leap for many internet marketers and SEO specialists is drawing the line between what is helpful and what is a waste of time. Facebook is useful, but if you spend all day on it, you probably won’t run a successful business.

Stay away from the automated systems. Stay away from the direction websites. Stay away from over-optimalisation ( Keyword Density 99% etc). Stay away from Black Hat SEO techniques.

Start thinking about building a brand instead of spreading your link.

There are number of negative aspects in SEO which can lead our web page to be penalized from the search engines like…

  • Hidden Content
  • Meta Keyword Stuffing
  • Meta Keywords
  • Doorway Pages
  • Link Farming

When you will over optimize to get higher ranking, it will have negative effect. For example,

  1. It is good to have keywords within the content of a webpage. It does not mean that you will continuously repeat the keyword again and again. Traffic will hate it and eventually, your page will loose it’s ranking.

  2. While building backlinks, if you go for any kind of backlinks randomly like blast links with some kind of automated software like scrapebox, it will create thousands of backlinks which are actually spam. This will surely hurt your ranking.

I hope you have understood the negative aspects of SEO. :slight_smile:

Yep, sites grow because people return again and tell their friends. Even if you had virtually zero SEO, if the sites brings about return visits and sharing, it will grow.

Yes, there are negative aspects in SEO. Now, what are they?

Coined as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used by website owners to twist and make sure that their site will appear on the first page of the Search Engine’s result page. Now, this very technique soon reached the knowledge of the people developing these search engines (one of which is Google) causing them to take action and change their Algorithm.

Example of this is the Google’s continuous pursue to change and update it’s algorithm. While Google’s purpose is to keep users interested by giving them the best search results they wanted, SEO Experts are so keen to make their website appear on top of the SERPs at all cost - some even reaching the extent of DOING EVERYTHING to be on top of ALL keywords, even those which are unrelated to them.

When done right, SEO is helpful in maximizing your website’s potential to reach possible customers. However, when done wrong through application of the techniques which are classified as NO NO to the search engines, your website can get penalized and be unindexed in the Search Engines.

Very well said @zakelijk

Some of the things you should pay attention to:

  • avoid publishing duplicate content
  • avoid publishing thin content
  • avoid keyword stuffing in your text
  • avoid shady websites for link exchange
  • avoid buying/selling links
  • don’t use techniques such as cloaking, it is easily busted by Google