What is Over Optimization

Kindly tell me that what is the meaning of Over Optimization in SEO and also tell me that what are the negative impacts of over optimization.

When you get many back links from bad website (Low Authority, paid links, black hat, etc.). It’s consider to Over optimization in SEO. After Google penguin update it’s create a situation, because of it your website will penalize. Here is my website <snip> that recover from it after 2 months time period.

Over optimization can be defined as any activity which is done in excess. Not only link building but keyword stuffing or other onpage done in excess is also categorized as over optimization.

Google now sees the unnatural backlinks of every websites and when they understand that you are manually getting all these unnatural links, they penalize your website on SERP. So, avoid building a lot of unwanted unnatural backlinks and try getting links from reputed and high page rank websites, else your SERP will drop.

Over [SEO] optimization is exactly as it sounds – when you focus so much on optimizing for SEO that you’re attempting to game the system rather than develop something useful that’s reasonably optimized. Engines know you need to do certain things to appear – like make accessible links, name your pages well, use header tags – they want and need this. What they don’t want is sites that never link out or flag every link as nofollow – links are useful. They don’t want sites that harvest, trade and build up links just for seo “juice”. They don’t want pages written to keywords and length only.

When you reach a point where everything is about an SEO trick you stop being useful and that’s when you get flagged.

I’ll be a little blunt here, if I may. I’m seeing this trend – and I bet you guys are seeing this, too – wherein those who are focusing more on link building are the ones who are most likely to become the victims of one Google Penguin. As Ted has mentioned, over SEO is just that; it’s focusing more on the link building rather than link “sharing”. The latter would be the better way of spreading your links around the Internet. Share your links in such a way that it adds value to wherever you’re going to post it.

Some over optimization factors.

. Duplicate content
. Keyword Stuffing
. Use the promotional content
. Pick the more keyword in meta description
. Keyword density
. Bad linking

Finally someone wrote about keyword density. I read some say it 3%, some are 5%, which one is considered over-optimized?

I think anything over 1% is over optimized. It has been proven time and time again that 1% is more than adequate and sometimes even less. Anything more than that becomes awkward to read, and some speculate punishable by Google.

Over optimization is building back-links un-Natural Links. Daily basis do quality back-links in Hight PR websites. Better start do content optimization like Blog postings, Article submission more…

Over Optimization includes many thing keyword stuffing, too much footer links on sites, too much links are in left and right navigation, unnatural link, internal link on content with same anchor text.