Need to auto-play an audio clip (mp3) when webpage loads

I need a simple solution to play a radio jingle (mp3) when my webpage loads… Is there something easy/quick out there? I don’t need all the extravegant ones out there that have playlists, just something simple

any suggestions?

Check out jPlayer. It’s a free jQuery plugin with Flash backup that can be as fancy as you want or dead simple.

I would suggest, though, if I may, that you might want to consider an alternative to audio that plays automatically on pageloads, if possible. Personally, it drives me crazy - and I think a majority of users tend to feel that way.

Actually thats the exact one i tried to implement but it was screwing with my jquery slideshow. I am assuming some variables in both libraries were the same.

The only other one I’ve used is Maxi. Totally Flash-based and far inferior to jPlayer, in my opinion, but short of being able to use jPlayer this might do the job for you.