Music Player

I want to have a song play when someone goes to the homepage, but I want them to be able to stop the song too. What is the easiest way to achieve this?

Also, I want the controls for the music to small and sleek since they are going in the top of the page.



Check out jPlayer, which is one of the better options for this.

If a web page plays music at me without my permission I leave it. At once. And I do not return.

I am not alone.

So no YouTube then? :smiley: I agree, though. It’s better to have the choice to listen or not.

I agree %100. Unfortunately, the client thinks they know better.

Thanks! I’ll check this out.

You then educate your client and try to persuade them to listen that there is ‘compelling evidence’ it will probably turn away more users than it gains, if at all possible.

Or at the bare minimum explain it would be better to allow visitors to chose whether they wanted to play the jingle. Assuming it was originally set as autoplay - rather than being forced to wait for it to download, etc.