Need to accept payments online for debit card - credit card - paypal


How do you personally do the above please? What system do you use for it? Any help appreciated.


I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you asking how to register with PayPal, or are you looking for an alternative to PayPal? It is many years since I registered with PayPal but from what I recall it was a simple procedure.


I use PayPal and Stripe.


Be careful with PayPal payments. If you’ll link it to your business and there will be many transfers they can freeze your account for some time. Usually from 2 weeks up to month. And such behavior can repeat several times until they’ll get you’re a trusty one.
I think it’s more convenient to link crypto payments now that have no limits. The only problem is that not everyone have crypto to pay with it.


I like to use - Paypal and Paxum. but I’m not sure what are you asking…