Payment gateway options?

I’m curious to hear about some experiences with common payment gateways…
I had been using paypal, but I had a few customers file complaints 5 mins after they ordered, and paypal took the money back right away, making it impossible to build the product…
Then I had a customer file a complaint, and ship back an empty box…paypal still sided with them…I never used them again.
I was then using stripe, but I had a huge number of rejected payments, and the customers were emailing me and letting me know. I emailed their support team and asked about it, and they said they could no longer be my card processor…just like that.

So I’m looking for a new one and would like to hear what you guys use out there…

There’s so many good payment gateways out there, each with a unique set of benefits and downfalls.

A few things I always look for:

  • Aggregator or MSP? Aggregators tend to be convenient and quick to set up, but cost more in the long run. An MSP will connect you with a merchant account which might take longer, but there’s a good chance their rates will be cheaper in the long run.
  • BitPay has always been an amazing Bitcoin payment processor if that’s your thing
  • Paypal, Stripe, Square and Braintree are all very solid services with good services.
  • Perhaps consider if you will need recurring billing, invoicing, tokenization or other features before pulling the trigger on a service!

We’ve used worldpay for many years. Their interface is really old looking and i don’t think it’s been updated for like 6 years but it seems to work.


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