Need the next size up

Entertain me here.

Mobile → Tablet → Desktop → ???

Finish that structure please. I’m drawing a blank. Desktop can be changed to a different word if needed.

Dual Screens or 4k screens.

But you shouldn’t really build for that. imo… at least not yet.

Correlate them to pixel sizes.

Mobile maybe 350px and lower. Tablet 600 or so, desktop maybe up to 850, then #{unknown} will be up to 1100.

Just looking for a magic word to throw in my personal framework.

Most desktops are much larger than 1100…

You do realize that I was throwing out random numbers…? I said I was just looking for a word.

No? Why would you do that? lol

There are standard sizes out there.

Even better:


I only threw out the numbers to get your mind on track. Ignore the numbers. I’m just looking for a word to match the next size up.

THink of mobile/tablet/desktop as small/medium/large in a framework. I’m looking for xl.

A possibility…I thought about it but I couldn’t come up with anything better.

edit- Mawburn, you don’t understand what I’m after. Thank you anyway.

Digital Billboards?

I’m making a CSS class out of it so one word would be preferable. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m using TV for now unless I get a better option.

Thank you.

What is this for exactly? I feel like we’ve been given a partial topic here. As no where in your initial post did you mention any connection with CSS :smile:

I did make the topic kind of hastily. I did mention earlier in this thread though that I’m making a CSS framework for personal uses. I’m tired of doing small/medium/large standard so I’m replacing some stuff for fun.

So small/medium/large/xl is now mobile/tablet/desktop/tv in my framework.

I’m tired of having to constantly add to frameworks so I’m making my own. It’s just a personal project.

Almost all the classes are done (~400 classes)

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Your best bet is going to be XL, since anything bigger than a desktop opens up another world. Like Retina Displays and 4k monitors.

Click the last wiki link above.

That ruins my naming scheme of devices in place of the sizes :stuck_out_tongue: .

You can’t name something you don’t know exists.

Sure I can - I just did with the suggestion from @cpradio

I’m fine with “tv”

You can always go with Unknown :smile:


Well except that TVs have the same resolutions as monitors… lol

Dunno about you, but I think that TVs are physically bigger than monitors.

Either way, that’s how my brain works. And since this is a personal framework, it works perfectly.