New at responsive stuff. A quick simple question

For you folks who have more experience w/this advise

would you suggest creating a css style sheet with all the diff @media size parameters?
and the platform switching from horizontal to vertical view or vice versa?

or is there a diff way for dealing with that?

I find that a better approach is to forget about devices and focus on your design. Gradually reduce the width of your browser, and watch what happens at various widths. You will quickly see where your design starts to break, and that’s where you should place your @media breakpoints. So it’s really about the needs of this unique design, as each layout has different needs.

Ralph to the rescue as always… I think we should point the OP to that other thread where you helped me so much a few weeks ago… has a lot of useful info…:wink:

Good idea, maya. :slight_smile: Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Hello all! thank for the reply. will check out the links.
I thought my modem had died but it seemed to have been a cable in the house…or I would have replied a lot earlier!
Thanks Ralph. Hopefully it’ll be fixed over the weekend at the latest.
btw…any opinion on adaptive vs responsive or is that just semantics.

I assume they are different names for the same thing. “Adaptive design” would have been a better term that “responsive design”, IMHO.

hi. that was kinda my impression as well.
thanks Ralph!