Need Some Reliable Gateway to Learn JavaScript

I think this is a magic place that I informed in last post. Within a short time I got the solution here in this Forum. Best wishes to all experts here.

Actually today, My intention about JavaScript. Yes I want to learn about Java Script. I know this is a scripting language but I don’t know by which reliable and easy way that I make my self professional in JavaScript. I know here are many-headed person who have a great experience at it. Please show me some good links as a beginner.

Eloquent JavaScript is a good topic-based way of learning how things should be done.

For a more interactive way to learn, Codewars is certainly interesting. For example, beginning at the 8 Kyu level you have the following challenges to complete:

These are all good ways to learn more about how to do things with JavaScript. If they ever start to get too easy to complete, you can step your way up to 7 Kyu or 6 Kyu for greater challenges.

The great thing about writing code for these challenges, is that you find that much of programming is solving some challenge or another. By doing it as a part of a structured learning process, you can learn in your own way and once you succeed, you can also learn from what others have done too as well.


A great one that Paul didn’t mention is

You’ll have a great fundamental grasp at the end of things. At least I did. I recommend it. All their tutorials are great. Have taken 4-5 courses about 4-5 times each :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks RyanReese, As I know it is too much cost there in

It’s actually free! No worrying about buying anything.

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RyanReese, Yes you are write… Now I’m going to continue with my all out effort. It is an excellent solution, and without any hesitation that I am very easy to learn here. Basically, I want to thank You and Paul_Wilkins, Because both of you encouraged me to really uncommonly inputs.

I’d love to try that, but can’t work out how to get started. To sign up, you have to pass some kind of test. At first, the “Loading kata …” message just hung on screen for ever. Eventually, after many refreshes, I got past that point to a challenge. But no matter what I do, the Submit button remains disabled. Not sure if this is a bug, or if it just didn’t like what I was trying, but it’s hopelessly confusing either way, with no feedback at all. (Hehe, to ask anything on the site, you need to be logged in—which I can’t even achieve. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks for the feedback - I’ll try them out with a fresh account.

The signup page gives you the option of language, which should when you choose JavaScript take you to where you can correct the code that they show you there.

After successfully passing a few tests you can then create an account with them. I have chosen for example to link my github page with them, so that I can sign in using those same credentials.

Thanks Paul. I tried on a different computer and it worked fine, so I guess there’s a problem with my machine. (I have a few issues with it—can’t reliably use Facebook or Google services, for example … so I might have to completely wipe it and see if the bug can be cleared, or get a new computer. :frowning: )

Gah! I’ve tried a bunch of the most basic JS questions on CodeWars and they are over my head. :stuck_out_tongue: Clearly not for beginners! Interesting to look at the solutions, though.

I only had a quick look at the first couple of questions. They seemed fairly simple provided that you already know the JavaScript they are testing.

Perhaps I should approach them about some sort of deal - people using my site to learn JavaScript can go there to test what they have learnt and maybe in return I can get a link for people who are beginners who can’t even manage to answer the first question to come to my site to see JavaScript examples to help them learn.

Sounds worth a try, felgall! It seems members can add questions to the system, so that’s an option, too, if you want to get involved.

I did eventually find some questions I could do, although the presentation makes it very unclear what is being asked for, meaning that I was still getting really entry level tasks wrong, like var x = y.toString(); (If you don’t use the designated variable name, the answer fails, which wasn’t made clear.) Anyhow, I would probably get used to that over time.

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