Need some advice on paid CMS

I need some advice on what is the most user friendly cms out of the ones that are paid for. I’m looking for something that can be managed in a similay way to joomla. But with a more robust security.

Check out ExpressionEngine. It’s the best in its class, much cleaner and better bult than Joomla.

The best paid-for CMS that I have used (as a developer) is Sitecore.

It’s a HUGE large-scale ASP.NET CMS and is relatively popular for .NET developers that work on huge websites. It’s a bit of a beast, but it’s a great CMS to develop on top of, and its feature set is fantastic when you want to build a massive website.

I forget how much a license costs, but it’s definitely not cheap, around several thousand pounds. However, if you’re dealing with a site that gets hundreds of thousands of hits per second and has several hundred thousand pages it’s quite nice to use.

Sitecore sounds great, but once you mentioned your numbers and license price i definitely can see that it’s a cms for ruly heavy traffic websites that generate lots of income. Great information to know for sure. Once a site gets too big you need to invest in stability and security.