Need simple cart for 3 - 4 products

I need a simple shopping cart solution for about 3 - 4 products. I tried interspire, but their support is not so good, and there are some problems with their newest version.

I need the cart to integrate with an email marketing service as well…

Any good suggestions? (prefer installed rather then a service)

I should also say that I need it to have a “buy now” function that takes the customer immediately to the page where they pay… no adding to cart.

Hi Maarten

That’s a pretty limited set of requirements
you have …seems like almost anything will
do the job.

But if you really think about your business, I
bet you really have a LOT more requirements
than this.

Do yourself a favor …call Gary at:

1 847 388-6081

He’s give you a lot of his time to help
you pick the best option. Of course, he’s
biased as I am but once you have your
eyes opened to what is easily “possible”,
when you see what your business “could”
then it’s hard to just need a “buy now”


Thanks… I just bought DigiShop… looks like it has all the features I need.

Also you can use Paypal buttons