Need quick fix for IE 8


Just launched my first website for my first client :slight_smile:

It looked great in Safari and Firefox, but my client says that in IE8 the top is chopped off.

I work on a Mac and am unable to see the problem.

Can anyone out there take a look and tell me what I need to do to fix it?

I’d sure appreciate it!

You should fix that, not being able to test in IE one of the most used browsers in the world. Not a very good “web designer” then, eh. But how to fix it…I’m not sure I’m running IE 9 its looks fine, even in IE 8 mode, IE 7 mode a little different but still usable. One thing I did notice was the page was pushed down to the bottom quite a bit, both in Firefox and IE.

Remove “top: 50%” and “margin-top: -400px” from #vcontainer I’m going to guess that is the problem.

Here in IE8, same problem.
Think it’s one of the containers that has bad margin/padding or positioning.

Thanks for taking a look. No I am not a very good web designer, sorry. I’m trying to learn, but brand new to all of this. Is there a way to run IE on a Mac? What do good web designers do?

As for mac, some users install virtualOS which allows a Windows standalone to co-operate.